My Bag Within A Bag

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I usually carry around large oversized handbags. For those of you who also love large handbags, you’ll know the black hole zone that exists within the depths of said bag. I find that keeping a small cosmetics bag inside with my must haves keep me sane, especially in public places! My current bag is by Urban Expressions and the small cosmetic pouch is by Betsy Johnson.
Do you like big purses/ handbags? How do you keep yours organized?



6 thoughts on “My Bag Within A Bag

  1. I try and steer clear of large bags for the very reason that they become a black hole. However, some of them are just too pretty to resist 🙂 so if I am carrying one I have everything in little cosmetic bags like you have.

  2. I barely carry small purses. I am in love with big bags! I organize mine by putting lip gloss in a pocket, having a pocket saved for miscellaneous things (such as bobby pins) and organizing everything else in little bags like you!

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