Wear and Work-It-Out Wish List

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I have yet to share my love of all things fitness on here.  I think that may deserve its own blog.  But I can’t help but share some of my fave work-out clothing styles and what I cannot live without.  I am currently doing the Beachbody series, Insanity (it’s amazing and totally insane). Fitness is a part of my lifestyle but it doesn’t mean it cannot be fashionable, right ladies? So, today, I thought I would share what’s on my wish list for workout wear.  Do you have any favorite workout brands that you cannot live without? I would love to know!



Shirt: Lululemon Crops: Lululemon Shoes: Brooks Running

Shirt: Lululemon
Crops: Lululemon
Shoes: Brooks Running

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5 thoughts on “Wear and Work-It-Out Wish List

  1. I love this post on athletic wear. Fitness is definitely fashionable! For me, if I wear something cute, it encourages me to work out. As for my favorite brand, I have a pair of Columbia minimalist running shoes that I adore.

    Insanity, huh? That’s pretty impressive.


    1. Thank you! How do you like your minimalist shoes? I have been thinking of trying the Vibram Five Fingers for a while now.
      Yeah, Insanity can best be summed up like this: I have never dreaded something that I enjoy so much! lol

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