New Fave Workout Gear: ZELLA

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I enjoyed posting some fashionable workout gear yesterday so much, I thought I would post more! YAY! Right? Last week I went to my local Nordstrom Rack.  I love that store~ I could spend hours in there.  Well, last week, I found an awesome active jacket by the brand Zella and love it! It is perfect for chilly morning runs here in Northern California.  Here are some great fashion forward clothes by Zella, all can be found on, and in Nordstrom stores.

_7917890  Zella Via Nordstrom._6111660_7869406 _7349887 _7967871 _7969146

2 thoughts on “New Fave Workout Gear: ZELLA

  1. I love this jacket by Zella! It is so gorgeous; it took me a second to realize it was active wear. I would love -LOVE -to wear that running. –

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