Sunshine, Coffee, and Morning.

coffee, photography

Good morning! One of my must-haves is iced coffee, but I’m particular about where my beans come from. Fortunately for me I live near some amazing roasteries. This morning I ground up some delicious beans from Ethiopia, and French pressed a cup for iced coffee. I sip slowly because otherwise these days I get caffeine jitters (no fun). I do love a tasty cup of coffee!
Those of you who follow me for beauty and fashion may be asking, who cares about coffee? Well, here’s why you should care: coffee offers wonderful beauty benefits. For one it is chocked full of antioxidants. But did you know it makes a great facial? That’s right, later I can take the grounds and mix with a bit of honey and slather right onto my face. It is wonderful for waking up the skin and de-puffing!!!


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