Emmys 2013 Recap: Ladies of Mad Men

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As you all may know, I love vintage, and I absolutely love Mad Men, especially the lovely ladies of Mad Men.  I also love award season, and I am always excited to see the gorgeous gowns, hair, and makeup.  I think Christina Hendrick’s gown was beautiful, and hair and makeup were lovely as well.  I loved the color of Jessica Paré’s gown, however, the top portion fell short- literally looked like it was falling, and made me sad. Elizabeth Moss and January Jones did not disappoint. I cannot forget to mention the youngest lady of Mad Men, Kiernan Shipka, who is 13, she looked age appropriate and red carpet appropriate, just beautiful!

Who was your favorite? I would love to know!




ImageChristina Hendricks




Jessica Paré




Elizabeth Moss







January Jones



                                                                                                   Kiernan Shipka

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