Quick Review: Pond’s Cold Creme

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So, occasionally when I’m really tired I will use makeup removal wipes. But more recently I decided to give Pond’s cold creme a try. Cold creme has been around forever and is like a thick moisturizer that you pat onto the skin, and wipe away. The Pond’s brand has a nice scent, and leaves my skin feeling clean and healthy. It doesn’t leaved skin feeling stripped or tight which is great. It is convenient to use when you need to remove makeup in a hurry and I definitely recommend it!


6 thoughts on “Quick Review: Pond’s Cold Creme

  1. You’re absolutely right, it was used back in the days. I think late 70’s and in the 80’s I remember my older sister using this brand. It was the popular one. I have a post that I already started it, no publish yet. It is about how faithful you are to brands, products I have used since I was a little girl like Colgate or Or Quik Nestle within others. Pond’s is probably one of them for a lot of women.

    1. Yeah, I think the Pond’s brand emerged around that time. Cold creams have actually been used for centuries, just variations on the ingredients. I’ll look forward to your post. It is so true about remaining faithful to brands. We stay true to things we have a psychological connection to.

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