5 Minute Makeup

Beauty, cosmetics, FALL, Fall 2013, makeup, Skincare

Today has been one of those busy days that seems to go by too fast. Today I did my makeup in a quick 5 minutes. I had prepped skin with Lancôme moisturizer and eye cream early this morning so it had time to sink in way before I applied makeup. I find if I do moisturize right beforehand, my skin will absorb the foundation along with the moisturizer, and I will have blotchy uneven skin tone. So, I applied a thin layer of Dior Forever foundation ( my favorite), a sweep of Nars orgasm blush, Lancôme black eyeliner, naked palette eyeshadow, curled and applied Maybelline mascara in falsies, and then Nars pigalle topped with Chelsea girls on lips. It’s seems like a lot, but it was really quick. Anyway, I love a good speedy makeup routine when I’m in a hurry. What’s your favorite way over ready in a hurry? I would love to hear!


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