Complexion Perfection: Make Up For Ever

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I had a bit of extra time today to do my makeup, so what I like to do when I have time to spare is let my moisturizer settle for 10 minutes prior to makeup application, then another 10 once I apply liquid foundation before I top with setting powder. Here’s what I did :

. I used Julep skin oil, then topped with NIVEA cream. Today, I used MUFE matte foundation, and topped with MUFE loose translucent powder. I buffed skin with a clean Bare Essentials kabuki brush after the powder and viola, my skin was ready for color!

It truly makes a difference to give your skin time to settle the moisturizer, and foundation. Your foundation added directly after moisturizer will carry it into the skin- not so great for your pores! You are left with uneven, blotchy skin. Of you’re buying quality makeup, and you’re still seeing issues with makeup application, give my method a try! I think you’ll be happy with the extra time you invested and the end result!

Happy Friday!!!

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