Makeup Makes It All Better, RIGHT!?!?


So, I got sick last month right before Thanksgiving. No fun, what is most “not fun” about this, IT STILL lingers.  My right ear still hasn’t recovered from an ear infection and it is almost like seasonal allergies, which are awful- but I know it isn’t due to allergies. Anyway, since I have felt a lot better, I decided to play around with makeup.  What better way to make you feel better, right? Or maybe fake it til you make it. I would say so. Hope you all are having a great week! Stay safe and well lovelies! XOXO 

One thought on “Makeup Makes It All Better, RIGHT!?!?

  1. Wow love, what a knockout! Can’t quite find the vocabulary for how this one makes me feel… You’re an absolute masterpiece!!! Very well put together.

    I’m curious, do you ever use products like Pouty Lipzz? I’m guessing you’re probably in the States? Pouty Lippz is one of the more popular lip volumisers here in the U.K. I must say, I’m loving every bit of you and always looking forward to seeing more! Happy New Year LOVE! XOXO

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