Review: Pure Goodness Pumkin Seed Protein



Health and wellness is so important to me. Taking care of your insides is just as important if not more important than beautifying the outside. I was really excited when I got the opportunity to test and review Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein in Chocolate. To quote Pure Goodness,  “Pure Goodness  is a premium brand of superfoods made from naturally nutrient-rich ingredients that truly nourishes you. Non-GMO verified and formulated with love.”  I LOVE that Pure Goodness has all the healthy good stuff and none of the bad fillers that so many brands use to cut corners.

I drink protein shakes a lot. They are a quick and easy way to insure you get necessary nutrient, and I stay fuller longer.  I like to drink protein shakes in the morning and post-workout.  I have tried protein’s that were veggie based in the past, and did not like the texture. With Pure Goodness you get healthy, plant based protein and texture and consistency are GREAT! No grit here!  I tried the Pumpkin Seed in Chocolate and it is yummy, with a hint of pumpkin flavor and the creaminess of chocolate.  I feel full and satisfied when I drink this shake. And the best thing for me, is that it does not upset my stomach (many dairy-based proteins usually do not agree well with my degestive system).

Pure Goodness cold-presses their seeds, so you do not lose any of the nutritional potency and keep all of the good stuff. The protein powders are Non-GMO, which is HUGE! I am so happy that they choose ingredients that are not genetically modified.  Pure Goodness has me hooked on their healthy and simple take on protein powders. I do not have to worry about the ingredients, because they are simple and nourishing- and taste amazing.

I am looking forward to trying the rest of Pure Goodness products.  I feel great about drinking their protein, and I feel amazing since I started fueling up post-workout with these shakes.  You can get your amazing protein from Pure Goodness on and also go follow Pure Goodness on their social media platforms:,, and
Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.



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